The Master Mind Principle

Session Two: The Master Mind Principle



A.  Definition: Two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose

B.  Through the Master Mind Principle:

1.  You may borrow and use the education, experience, influence, and the capitol of other people

2.  You can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime

3.  You can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you

4.  You can have absolute protection against failure if your purpose is beneficial to all whom you influence

C.  The success of all successful men can be attributed to the Master Mind Principle

D.  Take the time to do the following:

1. Decide definitely what you want to do during the next three years

2. Decide how much money you want to make and how you'll earn it

3.  Form a Master Mind Alliance with a family member and one other person who will receive your services

E.  Before begining... remember to control your mental attitude -- it is the only thing over which you have complete control

F.  Definition of success:

the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others and by helping others to aquire it

1.  Your rediness for success is recognizable by your willingness to follow without deviation the 13 sessions

G. Remember: your only real limitation is the one that you accept and set up in your own mind