Applied Faith

Session Four: Applied Faith



A.  Definition: the mental attitude wherin you may clear your mind of all fears and doubts and direct it to the attainment of whatever you desire in life.

B.  To take complete possession of our minds we must cultivate and maintain applied faith

C.  The one main difference that distinguishes successful people from failures is their capacity for belief

D.  Belief is that one quality you must develop before you can make use of the master key to success

E.  The place to start believing is with yourself:

1.  Recognize you were born with the privilege of complete control over your own mind

2.  You can make it yield for you whatever you demand (not beg for) in life

F.  Applied faith is the only means by which the master key can be appropriated and used

G.  To develop and use applied faith:

1.  Know what you want and believe that you can and will get it

2.  Express gratitude many times a daily for having already received it

3.  Keep you mind open for hunches, and when you are inspired to action, move at once

4.  When defeat comes, accept it as nothing more than a challenge to keep on trying

5.  A burning desire is the starting point of applied faith... be definitive, believe, act, and keep on acting

6.  Whenever doubt creeps in, remember that "Whatsoever a man believes, that shall he also receive"

H.  You already have faith - use it positively

I.  Remember, your life is exactly what you make it by your own mental attitude